Snow White is one of the few beautiful princesses of Far Far Away and one of four spoilt damsel in distress princesses.

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Snow gets dangerous

She lived in the Far Far Away Kingdom belonging to her deceased father and his cruel evil magic dabbling new wife.

She fled from the kingdom upon learning the evil queen stepmother had made plans to execute her and take up the mantel of being the fairest one in the land.

She fled to the woods of Far Far Away and struck up residence with seven kind dwarves and even took a considerable liking to the youngest dwarf dopey.

She is friends with the fellow Far Far Away Princesses Rapunzel, Fiona, Beauty and Cinderella.

She eventually with the help of the seven dwarfs and a prince awoke from a slumber she was cast into by a poison apple given to her by her evil stepmother who was the guise of an elderley peddler woman.

Following that slumber she overtook her home kingdom along with the prince who had awoken her and even let the seven dwarfs strike up residence in the kingdom as a fond thank you for all they had provided for her.

She appeared first in Shrek at the time she had been cast into her deadly slumber as a wife option for DuLac King in waiting Lord Farquad and then at the Ogre Shrek and her princess friend Fiona's swamp wedding fighting with Cinderella for the bouquet.

She then appeared again in Shrek the Third at the baby shower for Fiona who was pregnant with ogre triplets.

Prince Charming along with the Evil Queen Stepmother and many other defeated villains layed seige to Far Far Away and Snow along with Beauty, Fiona and the others escaped courtesy of a castle secret passegeway.

At first Snow White comes across as arrogant, lazy and selfish, even stubborn, mean-tempered and choleric, but after she and her friends are encouraged by Fiona she joins them in the fight against Prince Charming. In her best moment she sends up her own Disneylike sweetness to distract the prince's walking trees, by singing to the animals in an Adriana Caselotti-type voice; and then her song becomes a battle cry of Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' as she sends the animals to attack the guards.

Snow White is voiced in the third film by Amy Poehler.

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