“Snowblazer (episode)”
Season 4, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Snowblazer" is the forty-first episode of Dinotrux.


Following the events of "Pteracopters", Ty and company are left in a snow-covered area, with Prop-Top and her fellow Pteracopters departing due to being unable to function long in the cold. The group begins to travel south in order to reach The Crater, but find the new environment to be difficult to deal with. They are eventually buried under an avalanche of snow, but are then saved by an unexpected arrival: Snowblazer, a Plowasaur. The friendly-if off-putting-Trux offers to let them stay with her, but eventually agrees to help them reach home.

Along the way, the group are attacked by Arctic Scraptors, before eventually coming to a slippery pass that is the quickest route home. Constructing skis, the group starts heading down the pass, only for an avalanche to be unleashed that threatens to drive them into a crevasse. Fortunately the group-including Skya, who has been struggling the most with the snow and cold-are able to construct a ramp to allow them to jump over. With that done, the Trux and tools make their farewells to Snowblazer and continue south.





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