Season 3, Episode 5
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Speed" is the twenty-eighth episode of Dinotrux.


Ty and Ton-Ton are engaged in their latest race at the track, with Ty being determined to beat Ton-Ton after a series of losses to him. Their competition draws concern from their friends and interest from various Trux and tools, including Skrap-It and his fellow Scraptools. After Ton-Ton wins yet again, Ty's master cylinder beings to smoke, and Revvit warns him that it's failure would lead to him going increasingly fast and being unable to stop. Skrap-It later reports this information to D-Structs, who has Skrap-It sneak into Ty's cave at night to sabotage his master cylinder.

The next day Skrap-It's efforts come to fruition as Ty's cylinder falls out and the absence of a bolt prevents Revvit from repairing it. After various attempts at stopping or slowing him down, the group puts Ty on the track so that his increasing speed can be kept in a safe area, but D-Structs quickly act to sabotage the plan. The Trux attempt to get Revvit on to Ty using a catapult and succeed, but he is knocked off when D-Structs forces Ty off the track towards a cliff. Fortunately, Ton-Ton is able to get Revvit back onto Ty, and the Reptool is able to repair Ty's cylinder in the nick of time to save his life.





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