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“'Hitmen don't wear mittens! '
―Spike to Whitey

Spike is a minion that works for the Toad in the animated movie Flushed Away.



Despite his comical quirks, Spike has a strong desire to be treated like a vicious hitman, however this is undercut by his well-meaning partner and general incompetence. Whilst in some instances he has shown to be genuinely sadistic, Spike over-exaggerates his supposedly villainous nature with evil laughs and puns. Though he fears The Toad, Spike also wants to boost his bosses opinion of him and even shows a desire to be friends with him as can be witnessed during his excitement when he thought The Toad wanted to watch football with Whitey and himself.

Spike's constant twitching and homicidal tendencies imply that he has gone insane during his time trapped in the sewer.


  • Some fans think that Spike reformed but he didn't reform since he mentioned that he likes unhappy endings with violence before he got defeated by a bottle and he is still a villain.
  • Although Spike's middle name is Lesley, he thinks Danger is his middle name.