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{{Infobox character||name = Spike||image = [[File:Spike.jpg|thumb]]|personality = Evil, greedy, violent, nasty, funny, Short-Temered||alias = Lesley (his middle name)|appearance = slender rat, spikey hair |occupation = Thieve, [[Whitey]]'s Best friend, [[Toad]]'s Henchmen|alliance = Bad, later good|goal = Get [[Roddy St. James]] and [[Rita]]|home = Rattopilis|friends = Whitey, Toad, Ted, [[Fat Barry]], [[LadKiller]], Roddy (in the end), Rita (in the end)|minions = Whitey|enemies = Roddy (formerly), Rita (formerly)|likes = War, Violence, cheese|dislikes = the Toad's Temered|fate = Got injured by a bottle whitey thinks that he's happy|quote = Bingo!}}

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Spike is the Toad's right-hand man, Whitey's partener and a secondary of Flushed Away.

His middle name is Lesley( or so Whitey says), and he is evil, greedy, nasty and violent and is utterly obessed with war and voilence.

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