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The Spiny Mandrilla is the main antagonist of The Croods: A New Age. It is a hybrid primate that's part spiny echidna, part gorilla and part mandrill. He is the leader of the Punch Monkeys.



The Spiny Mandrilla is a truly evil, monstrous and tyrannical apex predator that enslaves and tortures the Punch Monkeys and other creatures to do his bidding. He is the largest and most powerful creature in the Croodaceous period and is also the most dangerous apex predator in the world. The Spiny Mandrilla is highly ruthless, gluttonous and bloodthirsty as he eats other creatures (especially the Punch Monkeys) that fail to bring him back any food. He shows signs of cannibalism as he would also like to eat humans, cavepeople, apes and monkeys just to satisfy his appetite. The Spiny Mandrilla doesn't tolerate failure and would devour his subjects if they don't bring him any bananas. He is also extremely greedy, egotistical and selfish as he doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself.


Spiny Mandrilla is a enormous primate who is the hybrid of a spiny echidna, a silverback gorilla and a mandrill.

Abilities and Talents

The Spiny Mandrilla has colossal strength.



  • The Spiny Mandrilla resembles King Kong.
  • Although he is the main antagonist, he only had 8 minutes of screen time.
  • He is very similar to the Red Death from How to Train Your Dragon:
    • The both of them are tyrannical, bloodthristy monsters who rule their lands and subjects with an iron fist.
    • Both of them are very cannibalistic man-eaters.
    • Both are the evilest and most dangerous creatures of their respective worlds.
    • Both of their deaths involve falling.