Soundtrack Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Composer Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams.
Released May 4, 2002

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Soundtrack includes:

In the album:

Here I Am   4:45

I Will Always Return (Soundtrack Version)   3:58

You Can't Take Me (Soundtrack Version)   2:55

Get Off My Back (Soundtrack Version)   2:49

Brothers Under The Sun (Soundtrack Version)   3:58

Don't Let Go (Soundtrack Version)   4:02

This Is Where I Belong (Soundtrack Version)   2:20

Here I Am (Soundtrack Version)   4:31

Sound The Bugle (Soundtrack Version)   3:51

Run Free (Soundtrack Version)   6:22

Homeland (Soundtrack Version (Main Title))   3:42

Rain (Soundtrack Version)   2:50

The Long Road Back (Soundtrack Version)   7:03

Nothing I've Ever Known (Soundtrack Version)   3:52

I Will Always Return (Soundtrack Version (End Title))   2:46

There are also unofficial releases that aren't in the album:

Here I Am (Score)   3:24

Swimming (Score)   2:36

Young Hearts (Score)   5:45

Investigating (Score)   2:23

The Chase (Score)   3:42

Iron Horse Camp - Pulling (Score)   3:24

Triumph Over the Colonel (Score)   0:56

Fallen Rain (Score)   3:10

Train Escape (Score)   2:25

Canyon Chase (Score)   2:51

Reunion (Score)   2:47

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