Anastasia Bethany "Staci" Andresone (pronounced stay-SHEE-uh, last name pronounced on-DRAY-sen) is one of the supporting characters in The Boss Baby. She is the sole female member of the Boss Baby's group: his tutu-ed clad assistant. She may not be the note-maker, but she comes through for Tim and the Boss Baby when they need it.


Staci has brown eyes, and black hair in a high ponytail held with a black hair tie with 4 pink beads. She wears a white short-sleeved shirt, a pink tutu, and grey ballet shoes.


She is kind and enjoys doodling and is a very bright girl who is very eager about kindergarten.

In Back in Business, she appears to be a lot more violent and short tempered. The Boss Baby even said, "I'm just glad she's on our team.” Staci also has a winner side, and it is shown when she made the babies in the Dumpling Pageant lose.


The Boss Baby:

She appeared in the living room having a "meeting" with Boss Baby, Jimbo and The Triplets. They were planning to stop the creation of Francis E. Francis' new puppy because babies weren't being loved enough. But they were being overheard by Tim. Jimbo was interfering with this however by shaking a rattle. When the parents came over to the living room with cameras in their hands the group started to act like babies.

Tim heard the whole conversation and recorded it with his tape recorder. The group started to corner him while he was trying to walk away and begin to chase him down. But a great failure caused Staci to be hanged in a tree, when Boss Baby and Tim were being chased by Eugene Francis. Staci called out for Jimbo and the Triplets to stop Eugene but failed miserably.

At the end of the movie Staci is seen outside of Tim's household and then the Boss Baby gives Staci a certificate to kindergarten. She is happy but asks for another gift. They negotiate and the Boss Baby finally gives her a lollipop which she is satisfied with.


BB "Staci, this letter should get you into the school of your choice."
Staci "Kindergarten?"
BB "That's right."
Staci "BRAYDEN!!! >:( "


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