Okay, that's it! I am sick and tired of everybody takin' one look at me and runnin' away 'cause they think I'm filthy! Well I got news for you! I didn't get all primped and preened to have some overfed, pompous puffball tell me he's too good for me! I got makeup on my butt, dude! And you don't even wanna know about the cork!
―Stella standing up to Tiger[src]

Stella is the secondary tritagonist in Over the Hedge. She is one of RJ friends and Tiger's girlfriend. She is a Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis).



Stella was born in the human world, growing up with the "Del La Rosa" family. She was well fed and cared for until her family moved away and she met Verne on the street. He took her to the forest, saying that they will live a better life there.

In Over the Hedge

When Verne and Hammy are awake from hibernation, Stella forces the others to get up. She at first has long straight bangs covering her hair and as part or RJ's plan to get all the food, she jumps on the cake scaring the family away.


Stella is sassy, short-tempered, and quite bossy. She used to get offended when it was suggested that she needed a male in her life until she met with Tiger, but after her makeover complete with a cork, she feels approved for it.


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  • Stella's attitude is similar to Bessy's from Back at the Barnyard (also voiced by Wanda Sykes) and Bridget's from The Wild


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