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Sting (real name Gordon M. Sumner) makes an appearance in Bee Movie. He reveals during the honey trials that he was formerly a part of the band The Police, despite never having actually worked as a police officer. He is later arrested for using a "bee-negative" stage name after the case is won by the bees. It is unknown what happened to him after the humans and bees made peace, though it can be inferred that he may have been released afterward.


  • This character is based on the real-life Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner OBE, lead singer of The Police, who got his stage name "Sting" from wearing a yellow and black striped jersey one day.
  • Sting resides in a large manor (appropriately named Sting Manor), which can be briefly seen from the outside during the film.
  • Sting possesses the ability to levitate. In the scene where he is arrested, the police (not The Police) walk in on him meditating and grab him from mid-air as he hovers above the ground. This indicates that superhuman abilities do exist to some extent within the film's canon.

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