Sugar is a villain that appears in the TV special Scared Shrekless she was voiced by Kristen Schaal.She was made by the Muffin Man as Gingerbread Man's new girlfriend after his old one dumps him.Gingy and Muffin man bake her in an oven Frankenstein style.After Gingy kicks Muffin man out to have a moment with Sugar she first appears to be dead but after Gingy walks away she comes to life,sqeals in delight and runs to him and starts to have a montage including them moving into a gingerbread house together but 7 1/2 minutes later she starts creeping out Gingy and tries to make herself prettier with frosting after she thinks that Gingy doesn't think she's pretty but she ends up making herself scary.Both she and Gingy almost fall into a mixer filled with batter and an activated mixer where she wants Gingy to be with her together but he kicks his leg and she falls in the batter killing her.A few moments later her remains are mixed into the batter,made into dough and creating an entire army of zombie Sugars who eat Gingy alive.

Later Appearences

She makes a cameo appearence in the Royal Carribean cruise commercial for The Dreamworks Experience 

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