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“Super Scraptors”
Season 6, Episode 2
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Diamond Bit"

"Super Scraptors" is the fifty-fourth episode of Dinotrux and the second episode of season six, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


Ton-Ton has Ace install a new Sparkbug Supercharger into his engine, and the increased speed allows him to outrun the Scraptors in Scraptor Valley. Unfortunately, his antics serve to not only annoy his friends, but also to stir envy in D-Structs, who orders his Scraptools to acquire a Supercharger for him. They get their chance while the Trux are preoccupied building the "Ton-Ton Awesome Fun Ball", a cage to enable Ton-Ton to race around supercharged without causing damage to himself or anyone/anything else. The Scraptools succeed in stealing the Sparkbugs stored at the Garage, only to drop them into Scraptor Valley on their way back to the Fortress of Fear.

Going on another scrap run, Ton-Ton is horrified to discover the now supercharged Scraptors, as they predators are now capable of keeping up with him. While Revvit encourages him to face his fears, one of the creatures invades D-Structs' lair in pursuit of Skrap-It, prompting D-Structs to have him lure its pack mates to the Flatirons. Menaced by the creatures, the Trux decide to complete Ton-Ton's ball as a means of containing them, only for it to be knocked loose. However, Ton-Ton is able to use it to short out several of the Scraptors and flatten others, only to become more of a menace than before as he rolls around in the gigantic metal structure.





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