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Season 6, Episode 1
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Dreadtrux, Part 2"
"Super Scraptors"

"Superchargers" is the fifty-third episode of Dinotrux and the first episode of season six, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.


The Trux take refuge in the Garage from a powerful storm, which also cracks open a nest of Sparkbug Superchargers. Meanwhile, D-Structs and Skrap-It have returned to the Fortress of Fear and are continuing to plot against Ty and the others. After saving a group of Trux who were caught out in the storm, Ty decides that the Trux need a beacon-a larger version of a previous build-to allow Trux to find them regardless of weather. Sadly, their initial efforts prove fruitless, until Ton-Ton spots a Sparkbug that the group chases after, only to find the entire nest.

With all four Trux supercharged-despite Waldo's reservations-the group sets to work building the tower, much to the annoyance of D-Structs. However, the villainous T-Trux soon hatches a plan, and with some help from Skrap-It tricks the Trux into thinking that he is supercharged as well when pursuing an Ankylodump. His plan destroys the tower and lands Ty and Skya in a sinkhole, but the others are able to save them using Ton-Ton's Sparkbug and parts from the Ore Station and Scaretrux. They then rebuild the tower and use Dozer's supercharger as the light, enabling lost Trux to reach the Garage and safety.




  • A Stegarbasaurus in this episode appears to eat Ore, despite the fact that Stegarbasaurs eat rocks.


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