Taujeer is a planet from Voltron: Legendary Defender that is home to the Taujeerians, a race of bulbous, roughly humanoid beings with two arms, two legs, and tails, with their only facial feature being a circular shape on their head that lights up when they speak. Shortly after the formation of the Defenders of the Universe, Taujeer began to undergo a process of destabilization that caused its crust to break apart, exposing a veritable ocean of acid underneath; the Taujeerians thus built an ark that they would use to travel to their planet's moon to await the planet's return to stability. Unfortunately, they were preyed upon by the Galra Empire in the person of Commander Morvok, who stole most of their resources and left the ark with only one viable engine, virtually dooming the Taujeerians to perish as their planet's surface tore itself apart. Fortunately, the Defender of the Universe arrived to help, doing their best to get the ark spaceworthy and then to defend it when Morvok returned and attacked. They were thus able to get the Taujeerians to their moon after destroying Morvok's ship.

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