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<infobox layout="stacked">
<infobox layout="stacked">
<image source="image"/>
<image source="image"/>

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<BGColor></BGColor>=#7B6394 <image source="image"/> <title source="name"> <default>Fanon character</default>

   <header>Background information</header>

<data source="films"> <label>Feature films</label> </data> <data source="shorts"> <label>Short films</label> </data> <data source="shows"> <label>Television programs</label> </data> <data source="games"> <label>Video games</label> </data> <data source="rides"> <label>Park attractions</label> </data> <data source="actor"> <label>Portrayed by</label> </data> <data source="actress"> <label>Portrayed by</label> </data> <data source="animator"> <label>Animators</label> </data> <data source="voice"> <label>Voice</label> </data> <data source="model"> <label>Performance model</label> </data> <data source="designer"> <label>Designer</label> </data> <data source="inspiration"> <label>Inspiration</label> </data> <data source="awards"> <label>Honors and awards</label> </data>

       <header>Character information</header>

<data source="fullname"> <label>Full name</label> </data> <data source="alias"> <label>Other names</label> </data> <data source="personality"> <label>Personality</label> </data> <data source="appearance"> <label>Appearance</label> </data> <data source="occupation"> <label>Occupation</label> </data> <data source="alignment"> <label>Alignment</label> </data> <data source="affiliations"> <label>Affiliations</label> </data> <data source="goal"> <label>Goal</label> </data> <data source="home"> <label>Home</label> </data> <data source="family"> <label>Relatives</label> </data> <data source="pets"> <label>Pets</label> </data> <data source="friends"> <label>Allies</label> </data> <data source="minions"> <label>Minions</label> </data> <data source="enemies"> <label>Enemies</label> </data> <data source="likes"> <label>Likes</label> </data> <data source="dislikes"> <label>Dislikes</label> </data> <data source="powers"> <label>Powers and abilities</label> </data> <data source="possessions"> <label>Paraphernalia</label> </data> <data source="weapons"> <label>Weapons</label> </data> <data source="fate"> <label>Fate</label> </data> <data source="quote"> <label>Quote</label> </data>


<navigation>[Source]</navigation> </infobox>

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{{Infobox character
|image = 
|name = 
|films = 
|shorts = 
|shows = 
|games = 
|rides = 
|actor = 
|actress = 
|animator = 
|voice = 
|model = 
|designer = 
|inspiration = 
|awards = 
|fullname = 
|alias = 
|personality = 
|appearance = 
|occupation = 
|alignment = 
|affiliations = 
|goal = 
|home = 
|family = 
|pets = 
|friends = 
|minions = 
|enemies = 
|likes = 
|dislikes = 
|powers = 
|possessions = 
|weapons = 
|fate = 
|age =
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