Tex "Texas" the Rat

Tex "Texas" the Rat is an American, fat, short-tempered, and easily frustrated rat. He and his wife Edna appear to be tourists as they are the only ones with Non-British accents in the city and seem fascinated by different things (such as provoking a Royal Guard). Tex wears a brown cowboy hat and appears to be bald. From their appearance, accents (and his name), Tex and his wife appear to be from Texas, North America.

Tex is first seen harassing a Royal Guard, trying to get him to move so his wife can get a photo of a Guard moving (as they are trained to be stoic during their post). The guard sees Roddy plummeting towards them, and moves out of the way. Tex is too amazed to see a royal guard move to notice Roddy and is landed on by Roddy. When Roddy is talking to a police mouse, Tex is seen being carried away by paramedic mice on a stretcher.

Later when Roddy and Rita escape The Toad's henchmice, they almost run into Edna and Tex's boat. Rita dodges them just in time as Tex yells "Ya darn foreigners!", possibly referencing them driving on the wrong side of the water (as in America, people drive on the right side, but England drives on the left).

Tex is last seen at the gathering watching The World Cup. In America, "football" is different than Europe "football", which Tex thinks he is watching the former as he yells at the screen for the players to pick up the ball, and tries to figure out who the quarterback is before throwing his hat down in frustration, saying "These Brits don't know the first thing 'bout football!"

He is voiced by Newell Alexander.

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