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The Adventures of Puss in Boots is a two-issue comic book series published by Titan Comics. It is based on the TV series of the same name.

As with their other tie-in comic books for DreamWorks series, the comic book includes a cover and a "cast of characters" page on the inside front cover that features the computer-generated versions of the characters. The rest the artwork is in a traditional hand-drawn style. The center page is a removable two-sided mini-poster that shows both covers for the comic book.


Issue 1

Issue #1 was released on April 20, 2016 and features two stories:

  • "The Owl and the Puss In Boots": After falling behind on his bar tab, Puss In Boots is kicked out of the cantina in San Lorenzo and must find work to repay his debt. After perusing the "Suitations Vacant" notices at the market, he hires on as a traveling companion for an owl that is on a quest.
  • "Costume Craze": Esme, Kid Pickles and Vina convince Puss to pick a different costume for an upcoming costume party since Toby has planned on going as his hero (Puss)
Publisher's description
Outlaw, Hero, Purr- amour! Puss in Boots is back!
Short of money and with a long milk tab to pay, Puss answers an advert that takes him out to sea with a cranky old owl on a pea-green boat. But if you think you know how this fairytale ends… think again! Flying fur balls and derring-do abound! See you on the poop deck!
Easter eggs
  • Amongst the notices in the market is one for "Dragon Trainer" with a note of "Nordic roots a must" that features a drawing of Toothless.

Issue 2

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