“The Racetrack”
Season 2, Episode 7
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Battering Ram"

"The Racetrack" is the seventeenth episode of Dinotrux.


Ton-Ton is unexpectedly reunited with his old friends the Dumps-Drag-O, Scoot, and Wrecka-when they arrive in The Crater, and introduces them to Ty, Skya, and Dozer. Unfortunately, friction soon erupts between Ton-Ton's old friends and his new ones, as the Dumps prove even more reckless and destructive than Ton-Ton. From using The Garage as a ramp to damaging various builds around the Crater, they soon wear on the nerves of the other Trux. Worse yet, the Dumps prove unwilling to help clean up after themselves, or even to leave the area.

Inspired by the Dumps' enthusiasm for the Rollodon-paved path, the Trux decide that the best way way to appease the irresponsible Ankylodumps is to give them something of their own: a race track. Unfortunately, the track fails to curb their daredevil behavior, and after an incident on the track the two groups almost come to blows. However, Ton-Ton manages to propose a peaceful solution: a relay race around the track to determine whether the Dumps will be free to let loose or will abide by the rules of Ty and his friends. In the end, the Trux win after after Ton-Ton, initially reluctant to take sides, chooses to help his new friends and wins the race on their behalf. Having been bested at their own game, the Dumps agree to respect the code of the Dinotrux while visiting their home.





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