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"The Return" is the forty-eighth episode of Dinotrux.


Having finally returned to the Crater, Ty and his friends sneak back in across the Bridge only to find the Fortress of Fear deserted. The reason soon becomes apparent: D-Structs and his allies have taken over the Flatirons, building a massive wall that is patrolled by Scraptools and Slamtools. After nearly being spotted, the Trux are saved thanks to a distraction by Garby and George, who report that they've been resisting D-Structs while most of the other Trux have gone into hiding. With help from them and the other resistance members-such as the Tortools and the Ottos-they attempt to sneak back into the Flatirons but are caught and driven out by D-Structs' coalition.

With their initial plan having failed, Ty and his friends hit upon a new strategy to rally all the Trux in the Crater. Using decoys such as the Scaretrux and various other tactics, they are able to lure D-Structs and his allies to the Bridge, all the while alerting various Trux to the fact that Ty and his friends have returned to the Crater. Upon arriving at the Bridge, D-Structs and his allies learn that they've been duped, and find themselves facing Ty's group and all the Trux who have rallied to them. Severely outnumbered, they flee across the Bridge, leaving the Crater in peace for the time being.



  • Ankylodump
  • Craneosaur
  • Dozeratops
  • Reptool
  • Sawmetradon
  • Scraptool
  • Slamtools
  • Stegarbasaurus
  • Tortools
  • Tyrannosaurus Trux