The Sphinx is a character from The Adventures of Puss in Boots.



She has a thick valley girl accent and appears to greatly dislike her job, wishing to be doing something that helps people instead of protecting an hourglass.

Powers & Abilities

The Sphinx is a legendary magical creature with great power. She has the natural ability of flight but also great magic. Namely vanish people back to where they started if they fail to answer her riddles correctly. She does this by blasting a magic fire from her wings. Interestingly, she doesn't appear to actually need to know where they start from, as Puss never mentions. She can also set her paws on fire for attacks.

When she banishes people for getting a riddle wrong they may travel back and answer another four riddle before she has to eat them, at least that's how it is when she is guarding the hourglass.



The Sphinx claims to have been doing her job for many years, a gazillion is one of the numbers she throws out, but she may have been exaggerating, though it is good to note everything around her is in ruins.

Currently she is the guard of San Lorenzo, though bandits still manage to get into the town.

The Adventures of Puss in Boots


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