The Triplets are supporting characters In The Boss Baby.


The Triplets are triplet children each wearing a different outfit. One has a blue cat outfit, one is a yellow bear, and the last is a green frog. They all have tannish brown skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. Dressed up in Matching pajamas, they agree with everything that the Boss Baby says they are ready for any adventure.


The three of them have the same personality seem to disagree with the wrong facts and will agree with every order or demand from Boss baby they seem to be in charge.


The Boss Baby

They appeared in the living room having a "meeting" with Boss baby, Staci and Jimbo they were planing to to see Francis Francis new puppy so they have to make enough attention for babies but they were being overheard by Tim but at least Jimbo is distracting Tim for hearing the conversation but when the parents came over to the living room with cameras in their hands the group started to act like babies, when Tim heard the whole conversation and recorded it in his tape the babies started to corner him while he was trying to walk away but instead the babies are trying to chase him down but a majorly great failure the triplets are in a trampoline biting/touching or playing with broken glass from the window, when boss baby and Tim were being chased by Eugene Francis, Staci called out for the babies to stop Eugene but failed miserably, at the end the triplets are seen in Tim's household and boss baby gave them his trust.


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