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The VeggieTales Show is an upcoming revival series of VeggieTales that will be aired on TBN. They will also produce the series, with Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki serving as writers, Kurt Heinecke returning to score music and Todd Waterman as the show-runner. It is planned to debut in late 2019 and episodes will include more Bible stories, the return of LarryBoy and the League of Incredible Vegetables, a new Christmas episode and a nine-episode series on the fruits of the Spirit. The three original actors (Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, and Lisa Vischer) will be returning to voice their respective characters. 

The show focuses on Bob, Larry and their friends leaving the countertop and producing shows in a live theater for an actual audience.

The series was officially announced on March 28th, 2019 at the National Religious Broadcast 2019 Convention. The first trailer for the series was released on April 24th, 2019.