• I was just about to delete the page for Mice and Mystics when I found the article online that confirmed it's being made into a movie. To avoid having things like this deleted accidentally, please provide proof so other people can verify it. That proof can be as simple as putting in "announced today on the Variety website" or something similar into the Edit Summary box or on the page itself. Adding References really helps.

    The reason I point this out is the way you had it on the page is the same way people make pages when they're creating fan fiction movies. A lot of them look exactly the same, such as "Flowers is a new movie by Dreamworks" or "Garfield is an upcoming 2056 movie by Dreamworks", and that's all they write. That's their entire fan fiction movie.

    So, if you can provide proof, everyone will see you're not trying to make fan fiction movies.

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