A Plot for The Revenge of Melvinborg will be:

George and Harold changed their minds to get repealed, get good grades and go to Lake Summer Camp. When Mr. Krupp gone, they find a replacement called Sergeant Boxers. After the Sergeant Boxers moment, they made the first time doing the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S. team, but Other Sophie went into the Croco-Bat cave, as the tree sloth silently asked Jessica Gordon as her replacement until the real one gets back to her. After defeating Furculees, Mr. Krupp ran back to Melvin Sneedly Elementary School, but he accidentally pretended to be vice principal, demoted by Melvinborg still working as substitute principal. Five Captain Underpants adventures after Furculees, Other Sophie reunites with Jessica Gordon and Sophie One as the croco-bats took the tree sloth back to where it was. The two principals went the Princi-Pals Convention, as Melvin creates a Melvinborgborg creation. During Erica's first time being Plungerina, George and Harold announced a team called the Toiletastics. George and Harold tells the two Melvins that they will transfer to a new school for three weeks, and when they arrived at a new school George and Harold met the Bizarro friends. Three weeks later, they went back to Melvin Sneedly Elementary School, for an Ancient Rome field trip. Nearly five days, school's almost over, because the students are ready for the Tattle Trials Dome 2000. When Melvinborg returns to the future, Mr. Krupp got his old job as principal back.

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