A Plot for A New Beginning Will Be:

Taking place after the film, George and Harold went to the principal's office, but when they got to the gym, they met their nemesis named Melvin Sneedly and two newcomers; Erica Wang and Jessica Gordon, George and Harold made a comic book about the first villain called Flabby Flabulous. After Captain Underpants battles with villains like, DJ Drowsy Drawers, Messica Gorgon, and Smelly Socktopus, Mr. Krupp pulls the rope by reaching visits to 498. But Dr. Vil Endenemys plans to fire Mr. Krupp, which meant George and Harold can't be expelled, so they can't go to a work farm to milk goats. George and Harold created Smartsy Fartsy to steal Mr. krupp's rule book. But during visit 500, Dr. Vil Endenemys fired Mr. Krupp, but when changed his mind, he expelled George and Harold. So George and Harold changed the letters from "Vil Endenemys" to "Melvin Sneedly". After George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp left the school, Melvinborg takes off his disguise and being subsitute principal for the rest of the school year.

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