A Plot for Lake Summer Camp Fun will be:

Jerome Horwitz Elementary School is back to normal, so the kids are ready for Lake Summer Camp. George and harold wanted to go to Lake Summer Camp together, but they accidentally got separated, resulting in George on the bus with Melvin Sneedly, Dressy Killman, and Stanley Peet to Camp Lake Summer Camp, and Harold on the bus with Erica Wang, Bo Hweemuth, Steve Yamaguchi, Jessica Gordon, Sophie One, and Other Sophie. Mr. Ree knows that he and Mr. Meaner are the only staff members that have siblings, so Miss Anthrope told the two staff members to get their siblings reunited. Mr. Krupp, the camp director thought George and Harold are supposed to be 1 and 3, or 2 and 4; but it's too late, because he destroyed the friendship. George and Harold think they made it to the same camp, but it's actually an entrance for the camp director. In separate camps, George and Harold tried to be the same camp, even Mr. Krupp refuses; but they got an idea: making comic books with substitute partners. Harold chose one of the newcomers: Erica Wang (doing the same storytelling as George's) while George chose his former villain: Melvin (doing his robotic drawings). After their comics, the two camps were announced to make robots. When the robot battle is created, George and Harold ran to Mr. Krupp and turned him into Captain Underpants. after the robot battle, the chain link fence is disintegrated, so George and Harold knows the two camps are officially Lake Summer Camp. While camping outside, George knows that he made one comic with Melvin's drawings, and Harold knows that he made one comic with Erica Wang's storytelling; so twhey promised each other to never make any more comics with substitute partners. But one day, Mr. Krupp built a brick wall, replacing the chain link fence, so the brick wall was guarded by the Meaner twins. As George and Harold dig underground, their friendship is reunited making more comics with George's storytelling and Harold's drawings. After Ragely's animal battle, the brick wall exploded, and the two camps are once again Lake Summer Camp, as the camp names are transfered as team names. George and Harold are together doing activities, like scavenger hunts, regatta races, paintball games, and so on. During the M.I.S.F.A.R.T.S. battle with Laserlightmare, they destroyed the camp. During Parents Weekend, the stundent told the parents that they won't sign up for Lake Summer Camp next summer. The last day of Lake summer Camp was a talent show. And when they leave Lake Summer Camp, the camp was demolished, to make way for an amusement park!

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