The Thread of Hope (originally known as the Infinite Bridge) is the name given to the thousand mile-long rope bridge that spans the chasm in the Mountain Pass. It was on this bridge that the Furious Five confronted and battled Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda.


In Kung Fu Panda

The Furious Five encounter and battle Tai Lung on the part of the bridge connecting to the entrance to the Valley of Peace. Due to Tai Lung's vigorous fighting techniques and the Furious Five's desperate attempt to make sure he doesn't cross into the Valley, the first section of the bridge is completely destroyed and unusable. After sending Tai Lung down into the mist, the Furious Five believe they have won. However, Tai Lung quickly swings back up and compliments them, saying that Shifu taught them well, but did not teach them everything as he paralyzes most of them with his nerve attack, allowing Crane to carry his comrades back to the Jade Palace.

In Showdown of Legendary Legends

The Thread of Hope is featured as a playable level called the Cliff/Rope Bridge. The bridge is significantly smaller in size compared to its original film counterpart.


  • The bridge sequence began as a visual development idea, as one of a series of epic feats in Tai Lung's journey from prison back to the Valley of Peace. Huge gorillas guarded the bridge and, as Tai Lung defeated them (and every other set of specialty guards along his path), they tagged along like groupies, forming a gang of followers.
  • The rope bridge in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was used as a reference for the bridge.
  • In the course of battle, 174 of the bridge's 370 planks are broken.
  • When Tai Lung kicks Tigress through the bridge's planks, she travels at 40.9 miles (~66 kilometers) per hour.
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