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This dragon relies mostly on its two sets of wings, one primary and one smaller set to the rear, using them to get around and move through the water like a tornado. The Thunder Drum has legs (If you look closely in the book of dragons, you can see the legs.) Even though they are smaller and thinner than even a Terrible Terror's legs, they can suprisingly hold the dragons weight.

According to the Dragon Manual, a Thunder Drum is roughly the same size as an adult Viking; and is reclusive in nature, living in sea caves and dark tide pools. The Thunder Drum is classified into the Tidal Class, along with the Scauldron.

The name comes from its main mode of attack/defense. Instead of breathing fire, the Thunder Drum produces a strong concussive sound that can kill a human at close range. The blast is so powerful that the creature is said to "get its power from Thor himself." Like nearly all dragons in the Manual, they are classified "extremely dangerous, kill on sight." It is also said that when a Thunder Drum hatches from its egg, it makes a sound so loud it rattles the sky.

Thornado, a Thunder Drum


These dragons have stubby legs and long, skinny tails. When they open their enormous mouths, they show a series of teeth inside. Their wings are large triangles. It has a horn on the tip of its nose. It also has a series of backwards facing spikes sticking out of its back. The Thunder Drum, because of all that, is closely related to the Whispering Death, except the Thunder Drum has limbs, bigger, triangular wings, it's eyes are lifeful, the Thunder Drum's torso expands with it's mouth, and the Thunder Drum has the ability to close its mouth.The thunderdrums body resembles a basking shark in the water

In Book of Dragons

The Thunder Drum appears in this exclusive short. It is classified into the Tidal Class in the book. Bork the Bold once found the egg of a Thunder Drum. But he didn't know that Thunder Drum eggs hatch with an explosive sound that rattles the sky, and he found this out the hard way.