“Tortools (episode)”
Season 1, Episode 8
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes

"Tortools" is the eighth episode of Dinotrux.


While searching for Ore, Dozer inadvertently uncovers a nest of Tortools, four of whom imprint upon him on hatching and thus consider him to be their mother. To the consternation of tools and Trux alike, all the newborn Tortools make their way to The Garage, where they cause all sorts of mischief. The Trux attempt to return them to their nest, but are concerned when their mother is nowhere to be found, and thus leave Dozer to watch over them while the rest seek her out. Despite his initial disdain for the task, Dozer begins to warm up to the infants.

Ty and the others eventually find the mother Tortool trapped under a pile of boulders in a canyon and menaced by Scrapadactyls. Inspired by an earlier incident of the Tortools repainting him, Ty has them paint him in the rock coloration of the canyon, allowing him to sneakily reach the mother Tortool and free her from the rocks. He then brings her back to her children, who are quick to recognize their true mother and flock to her, to Dozer's disappointment. Fortunately for the morose Dozeratops, the Tortools retain their affection for him, and Revvit arranges with the mother for them to visit.




Skya: I thought you looked cute in green.
Ty: Really?
Skya: No.


  • Ty is repaint into several different color schemes by the Tortools, including green, rock-colored, and a purple with blue polka dots scheme.


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