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“Towaconstrictors (episode)”
Season 2, Episode 9
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Desert Scraptors"

"Towaconstrictors" is the nineteenth episode of Dinotrux.


After Ton-Ton is attacked by Scraptors in Scraptor Valley on his way to Cliff Valley, the other Trux decide to find a new route for him through the Dark Forest, a fearful region of The Crater. Despite Ton-Ton's fears of menaces such as Giant Screwsquitos, bottomless pits, and Trux-eating plants, the group make their way into the forest. They soon make camp for the night, and-while enjoying Ore smores-listen to Revvit's account of the legendary "Monster Trux." The legend includes its fearful moan, which the Trux subsequently hear and do their best to dismiss.

After a restless night, the group hears Waldo in danger and find him surrounded by Towaconstrictors, and find their efforts to deal with them futile. The snakes prove to have stolen a number of supplies from the Trux, who are then forced to flee from Screwsquitos into a patch of Bunga bangkai flowers. Hearing the moaning again, the Trux and tools investigate and discover that the source is none other than their old friend George, who is trapped on a ledge. With some help from the Towaconstrictors-whom Click-Clack has figured out how to communicate with-the Trux are able to rescue him, and with the mystique of the forest dispelled Ton-Ton is left with his new route.





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