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Trolls: Trollstopia is a series from Dreamworks Animation Television that premiered on November 19, 2020 on Hulu and on Peacock.[1]


TrollsTopia is a new original based off the famous Trolls franchise following Poppy, Branch and other enchanting characters from the feature film Trolls World Tour.

Main Characters

Pop Trolls

Amanda Leighton as Queen Poppy, the sweet and optimistic Queen of the Pop Trolls who came up with the TrollsTopia experiment.

Skylar Astin as Branch, an over-cautious, but good-hearted survivalist Pop Troll and Poppy's best friend.

Rock Trolls

Lauren Mayhew as Val Thundershock, the ambassador representing the Hard Rock Trolls who resides in Rock Hollow.

Charles Dewyane as Demo, a Hard Rock Troll and Val's band manager.

Country Trolls

Megan Hilty as Holly Darlin’, the ambassador representing the Country Western Trolls who resides in Country Corral.

Eric Lopez as Gust Tumbleweed, a Country Western Troll and the sheriff of Country Corral.

Classical Trolls

JP Karliak as Dante Crescendo, the royal composer and the ambassador representing the Classical Trolls who resides in Classical Crest.

Jeanine Mason as Minuet Sonata, a Classical Troll who plays the violin and a friend of Dante.

Funk Trolls

Michael-Leon Wooley as Lownote Jones, the ambassador representing the Funk Trolls who resides in Vibe Town.

Kat Graham as Rhythm & Blues, twin Funk Trolls who are scientists and inventors.

Techno Trolls

Vladmir Caamanõ as Synth, the ambassador representing the Techno Trolls who resides in Techno Lagoon.

Anita Kalathara as Laguna Tidepool, an intelligent Techno Troll "antrollogist".

List of episodes

Season 1

  1. TrollsTopia
  2. The Buddy System/Kick-Off Party
  3. Bring It In/Branch Out of Water
  4. The Ballad of Holly Darlin'/Across the Fashionverse
  5. Manager Poppy/The Snug-a-Lug Situation
  6. Girls Night/Cloud Control
  7. Classical Rock/Buckin' Branch
  8. Rhythm & the Blues/Mouth Guitar
  9. Glitter Rush/Laguna Tidepool & the Lost Game Room
  10. Cheery Glo-Mato/Highly Amused
  11. The Makeunder/Smidge in the Saddle
  12. Extra Tootering/The Last Scrapbook
  13. Darlin 'Dos/Bad Hair Day

Season 2

  1. Cakes on a Train/It's Dad-urday
  2. Smooth Operator/FUNtography Day
  3. Hopscotch Extreme/The Funk Wash
  4. Hair Fracture/Palentine's Day
  5. The Party Pooper/My Dinner with Dante
  6. Hairicane/Piney & Lord Prickles

Season 3

  1. Potluck Poppy/Blaze and the Blazing Blazes
  2. Clash of the Battle Piñatas/R&B in R&D
  3. Disgruntle Weeds/Extreme Sleepover Club: Spooky Edition!
  4. Surprise-O-Tron/Dante the Entertainer
  5. Surprising Gust/Daylight Ravings Time
  6. Nowhere to Fun, Nowhere to Hide/The Joy Chord
  7. Wormhole Scavenger Hunt/The Fabyrinth

Season 4

  1. Dance Plants/Mini Mini Golf
  2. Trollection/Bro, Team! Bro!
  3. The Bunker Sitter/Domin-Uh-Ohs
  4. Shiny Diamond/Flyer's Ed
  5. Puffalo Express/Merry Cloudmas
  6. Don't Make Me Laugh!/Hair-aldine: The Musical