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Trolls Holiday is a half-hour television special. It aired on  November 24, 2017 on NBC.


When the Queen of the Trolls, Poppy, finds out that the Bergens do not have holidays, she enlists help from her friends, Branch and the Snack Pack, to help her bring holiday to the Bergens.


After the Bergen Town tradition of eating Trolls on Trollstice is abolished, the Bergens have no holidays left to celebrate. Poppy, who has received numerous cards from the Bergens celebrating different days of the week or times of day, decides to share Troll holidays with the Bergens. She enlists the Snack Pack and her friend Branch, unfamiliar with being happy, to head to Bergen Town on a bus driven by Cloud Guy. Upon traveling through a strange wormhole, the Trolls arrive in Bergen Town.

The Trolls show Queen Bridget and King Gristle Jr. their holiday traditions, but the spectacle overwhelms the Bergens. Bridget, exasperated by the spectacle, tells Poppy to leave and give them some space. Heartbroken, Poppy departs Bergen Town for the forest with her friends in pursuit. Poppy tells Branch of her fear that she might have lost Bridget's friendship forever. Branch tries to cheer her up by singing songs pointing out where she went wrong. Meanwhile, back in Bergen Town, Bridget and Gristle start to regret how hard they both were on the Trolls, and Bridget acknowledges that Poppy cares about the Bergens.

Poppy soon realizes that she was so busy trying to celebrate with the Bergens that she was not listening to Bridget's needs. When Poppy and Branch return to Bergen Town, they find that the entire town is decorated with decorations made by the Bergens. Poppy and Bridget apologize to each other, and Branch finally cracks a smile to Poppy and Bridget’s delight. The Bergens and the Trolls all celebrate their new holiday, Troll-A-Bration, together.



  • Branch’s color seems to have faded a bit in Holiday. In some parts it can be noticed as a matter of lighting, as Branch’s hair is definitely a darker color while his skin is only minorly darkened.
  • This is Dreamworks Animation's first production with NBC Universal after its acquisition in 2016.
  • DJ Suki and Creek do not appear in this special.