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Tulio is the main protagonist in The Road to El Dorado. He is voiced by Kevin Kline.


Out of the two, Tulio seems to be more of the sensible and practical one, with Miguel being more of a dreamer. He is also very sarcastic and bosses Miguel around. 

Role in Film

Both Tulio and Miguel are first seen on a wanted poster, presumably for con. He is first seen rolling loaded dice to win the bets from the sailors. When a sailor bet the map to El Dorado, Tulio didn't want to at first; but was pressured to doing so by Migual. To make matters worse, the sailor tells Tulio to use his (the sailor's) dice. Tulio ironicly wins the bet, but than his loaded dice got discovered by the sailor. Tulio and Migual faked a dual and ran to get away from trouble with the sailors (and the guards), and ended being crased around by a bull, the townspeople, and the guards. The duo hide in the barrows that ended up being shipped onto the ship that was heading to the new world. The duo was eventually found by the sailors and get locked up in the brig.

Migual uses an apple to convince Altivo, Cortes' horse, to get a bar; but Altivo gave them the keys which also helps. Tulio and Migual hijacked a rowboat, rescues Altivo (who was trying to get the apple) from drowning, and rows off to Spain. Eventually, the trio found land, but got scared when they spotted skeletons laying about. Migual saw the item which was one of the symbols on the maps and get excited that El Dorado existed. Tulio was upset with Migual at first, but the thought of gold convinced him to start the journey with Migual and Altivo. The journey was long, while meeting Bibo along the way, but they eventually found the stone that has the last symbol from the map. Tulio, seeing nothing but the waterfall behind the stone, thinks that they've came all this way for nothing.

Tulio and the others were about to leave when Chel runs into them while being chased by guards. The guards toke Tulio, Migual, Chel, and Altivo (with Bibo following them), back to El Dorado; where Tulio and Migual were amazed by its beauty. At first Tulio thought that he and Migual are to be exacuted, but than learned that the people believe that he and Migual are gods. When Tzekel-Kan tells them to show them a sign, a voclano was starting to erupt. It was Tulio, who was trying to think, that yelled "STOP!" (at Migual) and the voclano stop erupting. This "sign" convinces the people that they are gods. Later, Chel meet up with them to make the deal with them which Tulio and Migual reluctantly agreed.

During their stay in El Dorado, Tulio became attracted to Chel and was seen making out with her. But while Tulio still wanted to go back to Spain, Migual wanted to stay in El Dorado. When Cortes and his men are closing in, Tulio came up with a plan to knock down the pallers which causes the entrance to El Dorado to be blocked. Tulio was last seen running off with Migual, Chel, and Altivo to find new adventures and the way back to Spain.