Tung Lashor

Tung Lashor is a notorious bandit leader in the Crimson Waste, second only to Huntara, and a secondary antagonist from the Netflix TV series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


Tung Lashor is reptilian in appearance, with pinkish red skin, green eyes and tongue, stripped with bluish color, and possessing a long tail. His face is crocodilian, with a snout, no hair on his body, a scaly chest, and clawed fingers. Physically strong and imposing, Tung Lashor also has a large build and is considerably taller than Catra. He wears a ripped, sleeveless jacket, white wraps around his hands, simple purple trousers with a black leather belt, and he sports a whip.


Egotistical, Tung Lashor self styled himself as the "strongest in the Crimson Waste", and his band repeated the mantra, also being completely self assured in his duel with Catra. He constantly hunted people down for loot or prestige, and constantly squabbled for territory.

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