Tweedy's farm is the main location in Chicken Run. It is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy as well as all the chickens that live there as a part of the egg production. It is located in Yorkshire, England of United Kingdom. It is also, temporarily, the home of Rocky the Rooster who crashed down after escaping from a circus.

The farm has a barn, a house where Mr and Mrs Tweedy live in, a coal bunker that is used for storing coal for the fire (and acts as solitary confinement when a chicken escapes) and the chicken coop where the chickens formally used to live in. The chicken coop is in a style of a World War II POW camp or a concentration camp along with a watch tower.

Its background is unknown, but its revealed that the farm has been in Mr. Tweedy's family for centuries, stretching as far back as his great grandfather's days and beyond.

Members of the Farm

Owners of the Farm

This is the owners of the farm


  • The chicken farm that is run by Mr and Mrs Tweedy is similar to that of a real life prison where the chickens act as the prisoners and are forced to do the jobs they are order to do, lay eggs every day
    • Mr Tweedy and his two dogs who patrol around the fence's exterior act as the guards and catch any prisoner (chicken) who tries to escape and punish them by putting them into solitary confinement (in the film the coal bunker acts as the solitary confinement building if a chicken tries to escape).
    • Mrs Tweedy acts as the warden of the farm where on a roll call when the chickens line up, she checks to see if the chickens have laid their eggs or if they have not, they will be sent to be executed by being chopped by a hatchet.
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