Ty Rux is the protagonist from the Netflix TV series Dinotrux. He is a Tyrannosaurus Trux.


Ty is a red Tyrannosaurus Trux with a wrecking ball tail and gigantic jaws. He is mainly red and gray and he uses the tracks underneath his foot to move. When he roars, the iron bar under his chin will move too. Ty also has a friendlier appearance than other T-Trux but still has a fierce-looking face, causing other Dinotrux to flee at the sight of him.


Ty is a powerful Tyrannosaurus Trux with a lot of heart. Ty has a hatred for D-Structs, having fought him, but nonetheless did not harm him, acting nobly, and even once saving him despite being enemies.



  • Ty is the leader of the pack.
  • Ty weighs 200 pounds and 38 feet tall.
  • Ty's best friend is Revvit
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