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"Ty and Revvit" is the first episode of Dinotrux.


The powerful but friendly Tyrannosaurus Trux Ty Rux is forced to leave his home valley after it is destroyed by a volcanic eruption. After wandering for some time with a damaged tread, he arrives in The Crater, where he encounters a Reptool named Revvit with whom he shares some newly found Ore. The intrigued Reptool repairs Ty's tread, but Ty is then attacked by another T-Trux named D-Structs who refuses to share the Crater peacefully. Despite his best efforts, Ty is defeated, but his encounter and conversations with Revvit inspire him to an unheard of objective: forming an alliance between different types of Dinotrux.

Ty and Revvit begin by approaching a group of Ankylodumps, all of whom flee from him except for the daredevil Ton-Ton, who later attacks them after believing that they're trying to trick him. Ty then speaks to Skya, a Craneosaur who witnessed his loss to D-Structs, and despite her initial amusement is able to persuade her to join the cause. Unfortunately, a group of Dozeratops led by Dozer attempt to drive him out, only for Dozer to end up in a tar pit. Working together Ty, Skya, and Ton-Ton are able to rescue him, causing him to rethink his position on the T-Trux; the group of four is then able to make D-Structs back off.



  • Ankylodump (debut)
  • Craneosaur (debut)
  • Dozeratops (debut)
  • Reptool (debut)
  • Scrapadactyls (debut)
  • Stegarbasaurus (debut)
  • Tyrannosaurus Trux (debut)


  • The Volcano eruption scene is very similar to the Volcano eruption from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.