Ugga Crood is the secondary tertatagonist of The Croods. She is Grug's wife, Eep, Thunk, and Sandy Crood's mother, and Gran's daughter.


Ugga is Grug Crood's wife. She is in her 30's as the mother of three children. She is a strong woman, although not so narrow-minded like Grug yet not so open-minded like her daughter Eep. Ugga has a normal woman's physique. She has chocolate brown hair which she earlier used to wear back using a cloth, but at present her hair is loose, which reveals her curls and bangs. She has hazel brown eyes. She is a little tanned and wears a snow leopard skin. Now she even wears necklaces and bracelets made from stones and shells in Tomorrow. Ugga is a fit woman, as she is able to hunt nicely and climb trees with her baby Sandy on her back. However she shows some traces of innocence, when she is first introduced to fire by Guy (she calls it a 'Baby Sun' and gives it food). She first believes in rules made by Grug (she helps in destroying Eep's new conch she got from Guy) but when introduced to modernisation (shoes, stories of Tomorrow, swimming, walking sticks etc.) she readily accepts it and adapts herself to it (she started using all ideas of Guy). She even is able to have ideas of her own (disguising her mother, baby and herself as flowers for safety) and able to say to Grug that she doesn't want to survive, she wants to live. She may not like Grug's ideas but that doesn't stop her of being defensive of him.


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In The Croods

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Ugga is more open-minded than Grug. She understands why Eep wants to leave the cave and tries her best to cheer Grug up because of her independence.


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