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Uncle Brill is one of the three tritagonists (alongside Arthur Gillman and Sam Gillman) in the DreamWorks film, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken. He is Ruby and Sam's maternal uncle and Agatha's younger brother.



Brill is described as goofy and enthusiastic. He is kind and caring to his family and cares about others feelings. And despite his stupidity, he is wise enough to encourage Ruby as he tells her why her mother left the ocean and renounced her title: she chose Ruby over the throne.

Physical Appearance[]

Brill is a large, tall kraken (the tallest of the Gillmans) with aquamarine skin, blue tentacle hair, and a 'beard’. He has visible suckers on his fingers at all times, something that the rest of the family lacks.

For attire, he wears an orange and white striped shirt with pink fish and purple waves on it and black jean shorts with a belt. He also wears socks and sandals.


  • Sam Richardson, his voice actor, previously voiced Norville Rogers in the adult animated Scooby-Doo show Velma.
  • Brill has an affinity for corn dogs, calling them “stick snacks.”





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