Oscar is a tropical rainbow fish who appears in the Dreamworks movie "Shark Tale". He is the main protogonist of the film.

Oscar is a fish who works at the Whale Wash. Though he is very skilled at his job, he often dreams and fantazies of being rich and famous. He was suppossed to pay his boss Sykes 5,000 clams. Instead, he bets it on a sea horse race and loses. He is then tormented by Bernie and Ernie to Jamican man-o-war. Then one day, Oscar told a lie that changed his life. He lied that he killed Frankie the son of Don Lino and older brother of Lenny, a friendly vegatation shark. However, his fame and foutune doesn't last for long when Don Lino seeks revenge. Lola, Oscar's golddiggng ex-girlfriend gets back at him for him breaking up with her by stealing Angie. He and Lenny then confise a plan to save Angie, which fails. After nearly getting himself and his girlfriend killed he confesses infront of everyone that it was an anchor that killed Frankie. Soon, Oscar becomes manager of his job, gets Angie back and sharks are friendly to all fish now.

Oscar is a proud street talking fish who works at the Whale Wash, a job similur to a car wash. He is a very good tongue scrubber. He soon gets sick of his job and decides to tell a lie that eventually leads to mayheem. However, he tells the truth at the end and realizes everything he wanted he had. He is shown to be a coward but cares for his friends. He is selfish in the beginning but not in the end.

Oscar is voiced by Will Smith.

By Timothy J Harris

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