Me holding a rose and iPad

Hi. I'm Kimberly Jordan and I'm from Ft. Washington in the state of Maryland. I first watched my own first DreamWorks film called The Prince of Egypt when my parents and I went to the movie theater in Waldorf. Some years later, I tried three more films: Chicken Run, Joseph: King of Dreams and The Road to El Dorado that I had on VHS. So far I have become a DreamWorks fan and I would also like to thank Jack Black and Angelina Jolie who voiced some characters from Shark Tale and Kung Fu Panda. With my parents, I tried the Madagascar film series and we knew some details in them. After making the Shrek series, the video crew did a film called Puss in Boots which is a story about the cats, the eggs and the beans. Isn't it strange to plant magic beans in the sandy ground before the water pours on it? Anyway, I can say that the Crood Family is mighty hungry they want to eat the enemy.

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