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* [[Flushed Away]]
* [[Flushed Away]]
* [[Chicken Run]]
* [[Chicken Run]]
* [[Kung Fu Panda]]
== My OCs ==
{{Infobox_character||name = Gabriella Gomez
|films = The Advenuture of A Hispanic Girl
|voice = [[Michelle Pfeiffer]] (Adult Speaking)
[[Jennifer Lopez]] (Adult Singing)
[[Sandra Bullock]] (Young)
|alias = Honey, Sweeite , Loser (by her rival, Lovise)
|personality = Previously: Coward, Kind , Stubborn , Spoiled , Vain , Rude
Later: Brave, Poilte , Hard-Working , Loveable , Hugable , Tough , Playful
|appearance = Cute, Slender , medium fair skin , dark brown hair tied into a ponytail, light green eyes
(In her main outfit) Red shirt , Black Pants, White Sneakers
(In her pajamas) Pink shirt and pants
(In her travel outfit) Brown hat , white shirt, tan shorts
(In her shcool outfit) Black shirt, Gray skirt, Blue socks , White Mary Janes
|occupation = Student, Traveler
|alignment = Good
|goal = To help people , defeat her rival Lovise
|home = Mexico (formerly) , United States
|family = Alica Gomez (Mother)
Caimiro Gomez (Father)
|friends = Atefeh (her best friend), Ms. Jazz , her parents
|enemies = Her rival Lovise, Bullies , Jessica , Sarah
|likes = Singing , Dancing , playing video games , travel around the world , History Class , helping people , fighting , sodas , doing a yoga
|dislikes = Pranks, danger , being calling a loser by Lovise , nasty things (such as flies, bad smell), stealing things , her parents in danger
|powers = Strength , Running Faster , Fighting Skill
|weapons = Her fists, sword
|fate = She was celebrates at a graduation day.||quote = "Ok, Let's go!"
"Oh, man!"}}

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