Princess Remnant
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 4'10"
Birthdate Nov. 30
Hair color Brown
Eye color Aqua
Number 13
Occupation Student
Music Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge
Books Almost anything!
Movies Disney
Likes Drawing, Art, Writing, and Taking Pictures

people judging others because of who they are

I have many names. You can call me by my birth name, Stephanie, one of my usernames, Zacks.Little.Puppy or PrincessRemnant, my nickname from friends: Stephy, Shorty, Puppy, and even Princess. What do all of my names mean? Zacks.Little.Puppy originated from the game Crisis Core: -Final Fantasy- game where a man named "Angeal" calls the main character Zack Fair "Zack the puppy". I gave myself the nickname as Zack's puppy.

PrincessRemnant is my newest form of username. I got the idea from playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep during the boss fight with Vanitas's Remnant. Remant means leftover, remained, or a small part of something.

Steph/Stephy came from my closest friends. It is their nickname that they have given me.

Puppy was my title not only short for my Zacks.Little.Puppy username, but when my brother and one of my friends called me a puppy because of my bubbly spirit.

And finally, Princess was developed from the beginning of time. I was given this title many reasons. One was because I was a Daddy's girl and he nicknamed his princess, naming himself as the King of the House. This also became more important when I was older because everyone always complimented on how "beautiful" I was and almost everyone started calling me a princess. However, I only started calling myself a princess because I had hoped to be like the girls in Disney movies. My wanting to be a princess only grew stronger when I played Kingdom Hearts.

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