concept art for Valka

Valka is an upcoming character that is set to appear in How To Train Your Dragon 2.
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Valka, as she'll appear in "How to Train Your Dragon 2"

About the Character

She is said to be a crazed dragon lady with more dragon contact then human contact. She saves kidnapped dragons from Eret's traps and keeps them in a secret cave in the Arctic. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, she becomes a mentor for Hiccup teaching him things he never knew about dragon behavior. Hiccup also thinks of her as a guru and is wowed by her realationship with her dragon, Cloudjumper, but can't grasp all her ideas sometimes, including why she hides dragons and keeps them from coexisting with mankind. Her years of isolation and dealing with nothing but dragons and being very sympathetic to them has made her very distrusting of humans. She has learned to communicate with dragons in non-verbal ways and became much like a dragon herself. Hiccup admires her, but sees her as what his life could be like taken to the extreme. Her life is not about all the dragon's secrets and ways and living among them, but also playing among them. Not much is know about her mysterious past.

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