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VeggieTales in the House is an American computer-animated television series produced by Big Idea Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation. It takes place before VeggieTales, a Christian-themed film series, featuring anthropomorphic vegetables.[1] The series was executive produced by Doug TenNapel. The series premiered on Netflix on November 26, 2014.[2] Three seasons of the series have been ordered, consisting of a total of 75 22-minute episodes.[2] A fourth season was released on September 23, 2016.[3]


Main characters

  • Bob the Tomato (voiced by Phil Vischer) – One of the main characters of VeggieTales, he is best friends and roommates with Larry the Cucumber. Bob is usually the "straight man" in his partnership with Larry. He is calm and nice, though he does get annoyed at times. Like Larry, he enjoys watching Plantasaurus and UltraVeggie.
  • Larry the Cucumber (voiced by Mike Nawrocki) – Best friends and roommate with Bob the Tomato, Larry is wacky, scatterbrained, and energetic child like personality. He also loves stinky foods (sardines, stinky cheese, etc.) and enjoys monster movies like Plantasaurus.
  • Petunia Rhubarb (voiced by Tress MacNeille) – Good friends with Bob and Larry, she often enjoys hanging out with them and often offers them advice when ever they get into a fight or face personal problems. She works part time at Pa Grape's store.
  • Laura Carrot (voiced by Tress MacNeille) – A sweet and charming girl who is friends with Bob and Larry, she is often over joyed by many different things in their tow like puppies and Baseball. Is also best friends with Junior the Asparagus.

Recurring characters

  • Pa Grape (voiced by Phil Vischer) – A wise old green grape, he runs the corner store called Pop's Corner. He often provides wise and insightful advises to the main characters when needed.
  • Jimmy and Jerry Gourd – Both are two brothers that live together. They don't do a whole lot, but they do like helping others when they're needed. Jimmy (voiced by Phil Vischer) is considered the more brash and talkative one, while Jerry (voiced by Mike Nawrocki) is the slightly intelligent and quiet one, he often says a few words. But in the episode "Laura at Bat" he was able talk in complete sentences while announcing the Baseball Game Laura and Junior Asparagus played.
  • Mr. Ichabeezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Mr. Ichabeezer lives in the with Bob and Larry, he has a grumpy and has a gruff like voice. He is often seen engaging any public activity. Often gets caught up in the zany schenagians expecially when he gets pulled around by his dog.
  • Junior Asparagus (voiced by Tress MacNeille) – is Laura Carrot's best friend, he enjoys playing with her and is also a good baseball player
  • Madame Blueberry (voiced by Tress MacNeille) – A female blueberry, she's famous for winning various contests and events around town such as karaoke, pie Baking, etc.
  • Mr. Lunt (voiced by Phil Vischer) – A Hispanic gourd, he works around town and sells various items.
  • Mayor Archibald Asparagus (voiced by Phil Vischer) – is Mayor of the town the veggies live in, often acts as judge/impartial third party when ever something is wrong.

Minor characters


The series premiered on November 26, 2014, when the first five episodes were released.[2]





Title[4] Directed by Written by Release date[4]
1 1 "Puppies & Guppies" Craig George Ethan Nicolle November 26, 2014
1 2 "Sorry We're Closed Today" Tim Hodge Eric Branscum November 26, 2014
2 3 "Bob & The Awesome Frosting Mustache" Craig George Ethan Nicolle November 26, 2014
2 4 "Bob and Larry: Gettin' Angry" Tim Hodge Eric Branscum November 26, 2014
3 5 "Bob's Bad Breath" Bill Breneisen Ethan Nicolle November 26, 2014
3 6 "Trading Places" November 26, 2014
4 7 "Jimmy & Jerry are Rich" November 26, 2014
4 8 "Feelin Hot, Hot, Hot" November 26, 2014
5 9 "Laura at Bat" November 26, 2014
5 10 "Pie Fight!" November 26, 2014




  • The second television series to be based on a Big Idea videos, after 3-2-1 Penguins!.


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