Lord Victor Quartermaine is a character in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. He is a spoiled, vain, and upper-class bounder, who is fond of hunting; he is rarely seen without his rifle and his hunting dog, Philip the Dog.

Victor hates Anti-Pesto.

It soon becomes clear in the film that Victor's only interest in Lady Tottington is her vast fortune, which he is eager to get his hands on.

Victor wears a toupee.

After Lady Tottington discovers that Victor knew that the Were-Rabbit was Wallace all along, he reveals that all he wants is her money.

Victor is either stupid, either knows exactly what to say in order to be able to do what he wants.Example:

- Lady Tottington "No more thoughtless killing"

- Victor Quartermaine "Righto, that's why I've thought this one right on through!"

Victor is similar to Percival C. McLeach (the main villain from The Rescuers Down Under). He was voiced by Ralph Fiennes.

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