Master Viper (or just Viper) is a character in the movie Kung Fu Panda and is a member of the Furious Five.

Viper is the "mother hen" of the group. It takes a cool head and warm heart to stand by conflicts. She's probably the most caring and nicest of the Furious Five, but knows when to get into the Kung Fu business. No-one would want to insult her, because she has a deadly strike that comes without warning and fast enough that you can't dodge it.

But don't let her gentle nature fool you. Viper is a fast warrior capable of taking down the most intimidating foe. Despite her having no visible fangs when she was born (She had a serious birth defect for her species), she compensates with her strength, her sinuous nature, beauty and precision. Master Viper is the most charming, kind, compassionate and sweetest of the Furious Five. Viper masters in Snake Kung Fu. Master Viper is a stinging warrior who’s charming and flirtatious one minute, all kung fu business the next. Her power lies in her charm, strength, precision and her deadly strike. Her fighting style is flexible, fluid, mouldable, elastic and explosive.

Viper's ability to contort into any shape makes her nearly impossible to hit. Viper uses her lightning fast reflexes to avoid blows before she counter strikes by wrapping her body around the opponents' limbs and uses the opponents' energy to strike with deadly efficiency. Plus, she can wrap round their necks and suffocate them to death. Also, she is a very good ribbon dancer which she can use to trap the opponent into an immoveable bind.

Her species is a Green Tree Viper.

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