Season 3, Episode 3
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Dinotrux Episodes

"Volcano" is the twenty-sixth episode of Dinotrux.


The Trux are disturbed by an unexpected tremor, and discover the horrific cause: The Crater's volcano is preparing to erupt. After the Reptools confirm the danger, Ty and the others set about helping the other Trux and tools evacuate the Crater for their own safety. D-Structs, meanwhile, is content to let them run, planning to escape the lava and then claim the Crater unchallenged once everyone else has been driven out and the lava cools. The Trux manage to get many of their fellows evacuated despite trouble from predators, but when the moment to leave comes, Ty is unwilling to be driven out of another home.

Ty's friends quickly agree with him, and they set about building a series of channels to direct and contain the lava and minimize the damage despite interference from D-Structs. Other Trux and tools, seeing what they are doing, stop to help, and soon the project is well under way. Unfortunately, D-Structs attacks in the midst of things, trying to throw Revvit into the lava, but eventually flees while Ty and the others succeed in saving their friend and each other. With the Crater saved from this eruption, the other Trux and tools make their return home.