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Voltron: Legendary Defender is reboot of the 1984 Voltron series, and its animation is a mix of anime influence for characters and background and CGI for Voltron action sequences.


For millennia, the evil Galra empire has plagued the universe by destroying other civilizations and enslaving various races. The only known threat strong enough against the empire's power and plans is the legendary "Defender of the Universe" Voltron, a 100 meter tall robot warrior composed of five lion mechas whose pilots are known as the Paladins. At the crux of the war that ended with the destruction of planet Altea, Voltron was separated by King Alfor of Altea in order to protect Voltron from falling into the Galran Emperor Zarkon's possession. King Alfor bonded the five lion's energies to his daughter Allura's life force and sent them across the universe to different locations until the time for the next generation of Paladins to appear and pilot Voltron arrived. Princess Allura, her retainer Coran, and the Altean Castle of Lions were hidden on planet Arus along with the Black Lion.

In the present, the Galra Empire's path of conquest and search for Voltron has led them to Earth's solar system. A group of space pilots – Shiro, Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk – discover the Blue Lion and immediately get swept up into the Galran War. They meet Princess Allura, become the next Paladins, and reunite the five lions to form Voltron and combat Emperor Zarkon's nefarious schemes, with the hopes of ultimately defeating the entire Galra Empire.


  • The Galra Empire
    • Zarkon: A ruthless emperor of the Galra Empire, Zarkon is the lord and master of most of the known universe.
    • Haggar: A mysterious and despicable witch as well as Zarkon's primary adviser, Haggar is both a dangerous sorceress and a mad scientist, being formerly known as Honerva, an Altean alchemist.
    • Lotor: A mysterious Prince who is just like his father, Lotor places value in the strength of his allies.
    • Sendak: The first Galra commander to be faced by the Paladins, he is unquestionably devoted to Zarkon.
    • Haxus: Sendak's loyal right-hand man.
    • Prorok: One of Zarkon's high-ranking commanders who disagrees with Haggar.
    • Morvok
    • Galra Commander on Olkarion
    • Varkon
    • Beta Traz Warden
    • Throk
    • Acxa
    • Ezor
    • Zethrid
    • Narti and Kova
    • General Raht
    • Commander Ladnok
    • Commander Trugg
    • Galra Sentries
  • The Mer Aliens
  • Recurring
    • Nyma
    • Rolo
    • Beezer
    • Keith's Father
    • Baujal
    • Laika
    • Slice Capades Salesman
    • Merla
    • Unilu Salesman
    • Luka
    • Space Mice
    • Xi
    • Sven
    • Olia


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