Season 2, Episode 11
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Desert Scraptors"

"Water" is the twenty-first episode of Dinotrux.


As the result of an intense heatwave, the Trux find all their usual water sources dried up and are unsure what to do. D-Structs, caught in the same heatwave, decides to capitalize on the ingenuity of Ty and his friends by letting them lead him to water. After the Tortools appear covered in water, the Trux follow them in hopes of finding the source. Skrap-It and D-Structs attack them during the journey but are thwarted in their efforts to capture the Tortools, who eventually lead Ty's group to a lake.

The Trux soon set about building an aqueduct so that they can have access to the lake's water without leaving the Flatirons unguarded, while D-Structs has Skrap-It recruit Lloyd, Smash-It and Break-It for his plans. The T-Trux and the Scraptools attack right as the Trux are about to destroy a dam blocking the water from the aqueduct, and Dozer is left helpless after Skrap-It steals one of his parts. Fortunately, Ty is able to defeat D-Structs, while the Tortools drive off Skrap-It and carry Dozer to safety using their mobile jack features. The Trux are thus left with a reliable water source, while Skrap-It is left to find some way to bring water to D-Structs' Fortress of Fear.




  • This episode marks a rare-if not singular-instance in which Ty defeat D-Structs in a fight outright, as opposed to D-Structs being defeated through innovation or retreating when faced by superior numbers.


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